Extra Services

Phuket Beach Weddings

"Make your wedding day that much more special and spice up your wedding with these extra services. Our selection of unique and fun extras will surely bring fun and excitement to your beach wedding!"

  • Photographer/ Videographer

    Photographer/ Videographer

    Capture wonderful moments of your wedding that will be treasured for a lifetime through professional photography and videography

  • Hair & Make Up

    Hair & Make Up

    Ensure flawless looks on your special day with our professional bridal hair & make-up package.

  • Wedding Reception Dinner

    Wedding Reception Dinner

    A wedding cannot be complete without a beautiful and intimate wedding reception!

  • Fireworks & Fire Show


    Ensure a great time with exciting entertainment for your guests.

  • Fireworks & Fire Show

    Fire Show

    Ensure a great time with exciting entertainment for your guests.

  • Live Band & Sound Systems

    Live Band & Sound Systems

    Indulge in a live band that will surely set a romantic mood for your special day.

  • Monk Blessing

    Monk Blessing

    Experience a truly Thai wedding experience with monk marriage blessings.

  • Monk Blessing

    Baby Elephant Blessings

    Make your Phuket wedding unique with a cute baby elephant to bless your marriage.

  • Decorative Balloons

    Decorative Balloons

    Fun balloon decorations that can be tailored to your tastes and ceremony color schemes.

  • After Party

    After Party

    Don’t want your special day to end just yet? Get the party started and party late into the night with our after party ballroom.

Instant Photo Printing

Engage your guests with instant photo printing services for keepsake! An enjoyable experience where guests can snap and instantly 3print photos with their phones!