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5 Ways to Make Your Phuket Beach Wedding Eco-Friendly

Phuket beach weddings are all about extravagant gestures. After all, there’s not much that’s more extravagant than getting married, except maybe doing so on a Thai beach. Anyway, you can offset any innate guilt you might feel about the grandness of your gesture by helping to protect the environment you are holding it in. Here are a few ways to make your beach wedding a little more eco-friendly.

Go digital

It’s the 21st century – why are people still using paper invites? We have countless means of communicating with each other digitally, from a simple email to social media. Not only will keeping your wedding communications paperless be significantly more eco-friendly, it’s also a lot more convenient since you can automatically track RSVPs and update guests all together instead of having to monitor individual interactions with dozens of people.

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Go organic

Food and drink play a huge role in any wedding, including Phuket beach weddings. Using sustainable and organic sources for your catering helps the local environment in several ways. You support local businesses and growers, help reduce the use of harmful chemicals on the land and you’re also providing your guests with a healthier meal. You should also be careful with exactly how much food you order and have a plan to make use of any excess, such as donating it to a local community.

Dress green

We’re not suggesting that you swap your wedding whites for green. Instead, just change the material you get your wedding dress made from. Eco-friendly wedding dresses are gaining popularity, not only because the organic cotton, hemp or bamboo they’re made from is more sustainable than artificial materials like polyester, but also because such materials are generally more breathable, making your wedding day a lot cooler and more comfortable.

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Go flowery

Alongside food, flowers play an important part in Phuket beach weddings. And, just like with the food, finding local, organic growers helps out the local economy and environment. You can double-down on the eco-friendly vibes by making your wedding decor heavy on plants and light on flowers, helping to draw more carbon out of the atmosphere.

Go reusable

Weddings often go through a lot of single-use materials, from catering supplies to, arguably, the dress! It’s a bit more expensive to rent proper dishes, cutlery and linens, but it’s also significantly less harmful for the environment. Also, consider picking a dress that’s styled in such a way that you’re likely to wear it again in some other context. Alternatively, consider renting that, too.

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