Backup Plans for Your Beach Wedding

Backup Plans for Your Beach Wedding

While Phuket beach weddings are certainly a dream come true, there is always one thing that can make that dream into a nightmare – the weather. While Phuket’s weather is pretty consistently sunny during the high season, what happens if you need to book in the low season? Perhaps you’re trying to keep the cost down or you only have time off work available out of season. The risk of rain will then become a serious consideration, so having a backup plan is essential. But what can those plans look like?

Book a tent

If you’ve got a small enough group, a decent-sized marquee tent will probably be enough to keep any sudden rainfall at bay. It allows you to keep the wedding outdoors without soaking you and your guests to your skins. However, large tents (and the teams of people needed to set them up) do come at a considerable cost, potentially eating up the savings you made by booking out of season.


Book an indoor space

Having your Phuket beach wedding at a hotel will give your event an important element of flexibility. So long as you are not sharing your big day with a major conference, the chances are that the hotel will have some large indoor spaces free for you to take your outdoor wedding indoors at a moment’s notice. However, what you gain in convenience, you loose in style. If you’re lucky, the indoor space will be an elegant ballroom. If you’re not, it’ll be a stale meeting room.

Run for cover

While weddings generally follow a strict schedule, weather rarely does. However, if you build a lot of flexibility into your plan, you might be able to just dash for cover when the rain starts and wait it out before continuing once the skies dry up. The majority of the time, this will be a perfectly viable plan – Phuket’s rainfall tends to be heavy but very brief. However, there are occasions when the rain is light but persistent and lasts the whole day. If you’re unlucky, you might find that you need a backup plan for your backup plan!

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Consider event insurance

Naturally, you can’t put a price on the emotional value of a perfect Phuket beach wedding. However, as such events do have a monetary value, you can at least recoup some of your loss if your dream event is ruined by the weather. This will give you the option to simply scrap the wedding plan and enjoy the rest of your holiday without feeling like you need to endure the suboptimal conditions because of the cost.