beach honeymoon in Phuket

What to Pack for Your Beach Honeymoon in Phuket

Planning a beach honeymoon in Phuket? Make sure that your suitcase is packed with all the necessities to make your departure and vacation as convenient as possible. When planning a vacation, organizing your stuff is one of the most important things to do. That being the case, here’s a list of the things to pack for your beach honeymoon in Phuket.


Honeymoon in Phuket, Pack Clothing

  • Tops

One important note in packing for your honeymoon in Thailand is clothing. Thailand is a very humid and hot country so better dress in lightweight and loose clothing.

Go for basic tops that you can easily mix and match. Choose light colors as they work great in keeping you cool in the glaring sun of Phuket. Pack a balance between short-sleeved tops and long-sleeved tops. You can also bring button-up blouses for bathing suit cover-ups and as a shield for the evening chill.

  • Shorts/Pants

Phuket has a tropical climate which makes longer pants in thinner material ideal. Short jeans are also a practical and easy staple for the trip. A pair of shorts for water activities and trips to town is also essential.

  • Dresses

Dresses are also essential when going on a tropical destination. So don’t forget to pack a sundress that’s summery and bright with flirty hemline for a girly and romantic feel. Also, you’re on a honeymoon with your hubby so don’t forget to include a sexy dress for candle-lit dinners.

  • Sweater/Blazer

Many destinations have cool nights. For added warmth, aside from your husband’s embrace, make sure to pack a warm cover – jacket or blazer – for staying warm. Make sure it’s not something that clashes with your other outfits.

  • Bathing Suits/Undies

Also don’t forget, bring at least 2 pairs of bathing suits. As for underwear, you may want to stay practical. However, this is your honeymoon and you want to shine. Make sure to bring sexy lingerie to wow your husband. Also pack a bra that you’re comfortable with for active days.


Footwear, Honeymoon in Phuket, phuket backpack

When going on a honeymoon in Phuket, bring the kind of footwear that you’d wear when going to city in hot weather. Moreover, since you’ll be staying at the beach, bring the kind of footwear you’ll be comfortable using in the sand. When going for a beach honeymoon in Phuket, an easy-to-walk in sandals is the best to pack and wear.


Jewelry shop in phuket

For jewelry, choose subtle ones which you can easily move in for the day while dangle or hoop earrings are ideal for a night getaway. Also add a necklace so you can make a range of looks while in Phuket, whether it’s simple, color, or attention-grabbing.

So these are some of the essentials you need to pack for your beach honeymoon in Phuket. Aside from other necessities, these are essential things to bring if you want to have a comfortable honeymoon vacation on the island of Phuket, Thailand. Keep them all in mind when preparing for your honeymoon.