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Phuket Beach Wedding is an initiative by Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa to make destination wedding in Phuket easy and accessible to all. We would like congratulate you for choosing to host your dream wedding in the world class destination of Phuket. Hosting a wedding half way across the world requires working with a local partner who is experienced, knowledgeable, and has as a strong track record of successful events.

We offer attractive wedding packages, beautiful oceanfront wedding venues, accommodations, catering services as well as wedding consulting services. We also work with all sorts of professional wedding planners interested in utilizing our venues and services for their clients’ events and functions.

Since 2014, Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa is proud to be a part hundreds of successful destination weddings evident from the numerous positive testimonials from our happy bride and groom. In 2018, we are proud to having been officially nominated as “Asia’s Leading Wedding Venue” in the prestigious World Travel Awards.

Asia's Leading Wedding Venue Award Nominee

Wedding Services

We offer a comprehensive range of wedding services tailored to enhance the joy and charm of your beach wedding. Our focus is on delivering unique and exceptional experiences, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding is meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

  • Wedding Beach Ceremony Setup Wedding Beach Ceremony Setup
  • Beach Frond Wedding Venue Beachfront Wedding Venue
  • Wedding Cocktail Reception Wedding Cocktail Reception
  • Wedding Photographer Photographer/ Videographer
  • Wedding Celebrant Wedding Celebrant
  • Hair and make up Hair & Make Up
  • Wedding Reception Dinner Catering Wedding Reception Dinner Catering
  • Fireworks and fire show Fireworks & Fire Show
  • Live band and sound systems Live Band & Sound Systems
  • Monk Blessing Monk Blessing
  • Baby Elephant Blessing Baby Elephant Blessings
  • Decorative Balloons Decorative Balloons
  • After Party Packages After Party Packages
  • Accomodations Accommodations
  • Drone Friendly Venue Drone Friendly Venue
  • Bridal Gallery Rooms Bridal Gallery Room

Our expert team is committed to making your special day unforgettable. Whether it's elegant decor, exquisite catering, or seamless event coordination, our wedding services are designed to create a celebration that reflects your personal style and creates lasting memories!

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Wedding Packages

We have prepared some all-inclusive wedding packages that suits all styles and budgets. Each package has tons of customizable and add-on options, which ensures no two wedding will ever be alike.

Service Standard Ceremony Package Phuket

Standard Beach Wedding

The Standard Ceremony features the combining of coloured sands in a glass jar, creating an enduring symbol of your togetherness. A modest, affordable package

Service Premium Beach Package Phuket

Premium Beach

Our Premium Beach Package is ideally suited for those who want a romantic Phuket beach wedding which, while affordable, is not lacking in pomp and ceremony.

Service Beyond Your Dreams Beach Wedding Package Phuket

Beyond Your Dreams Beach Wedding

Our Beyond Your Dreams Beach Wedding Package is ideal for those who want their big day to be really big! The whole of our spacious beach is at your disposal

Service Beyond Your Dreams Beach Wedding Package Phuket

Standard Private Pier Wedding

Phuket’s one-and-only wedding in a private ocean-front pier! Our standard private pier wedding package is our entry-level private pier wedding package.

Service Beyond Your Dreams Beach Wedding Package Phuket

Premium Private Pier

Premium Private Pier offers more abundant floral decorations and can accommodate twice the number of guests than our standard package.

Service Thai Wedding Ceremony Package Phuket

Thai Wedding

The Thai Wedding Ceremony is quite a unique experience, featuring blessings and traditions completely different to the western version. While particularly suited to Thai partners

Indian Wedding Package Phuket

Indian Wedding

Planning an Indian wedding in Phuket Thailand? Our resort provides the perfect beach venue, professional banquet team, luxury facilities and accommodation.

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Wedding Galleries

Please take a look at our wedding galleries, full of wedding setup ideas and past events from our happy couples!