Standard Beach Wedding

thb 69,000.-
per package


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The Standard Ceremony features the combining of coloured sands in a glass jar, creating an enduring symbol of your togetherness. A modest, affordable package, this is ideal for those who want to renew their vows in a unique setting or those who are looking for a romantic yet fuss-free beach wedding celebration.

Inclusive of :

  • Sandy Beach or Real/Artificial Grass Lawn Venue
  • Wedding Planner Services by In-house Wedding Specialists
  • Wedding Certificate from Thavorn Hotels
  • Non-Religious Celebrant
  • Standard Floral Decorations for Archway
  • Standard Floral Decorations for Aisle
  • Welcome Board
  • Standard Bridal Bouquet and Corsage for Groom
  • A Bottle of Sparkling for Toasting
  • In-Room Floral Arrangement (on wedding night)
  • Romantic Thai Set Dinner on the Beach for Bride & Groom

Complimentary :

  • Room upgrade on the wedding day
  • Background music during the ceremony

Important Notes:

  • Wedding package is for a maximum of 20 wedding guests. Additional person will be charged at THB 300 / seat.
  • Wedding package includes "Standard Banquet Chair"
  • Flowers are subject to seasonality. Arrangements subject to weather conditions.

Reference Photos From Past Events:

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