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How to Have a Royal Beach Wedding

The recent royal wedding in the UK is a great source of inspiration for Phuket beach weddings. Naturally, you can’t borrow the setting or the scale, but there are certain old British traditions you can use to add a bit of sophistication and style. Here are a few.


The Dress Code

A common theme at society events in Britain is hats – really big ones. Whether its the Royal Enclosure at Ascot or the Royal Wedding in London, it’s top hats for the gentlemen and the biggest, most flamboyant hat you can find for the ladies. This actually works to your advantage in Phuket as it will keep the sun off your neck and face, reducing the chance of sunburn. Make sure you make the accompanying suits from light material, though, or every man at the ceremony will be at risk of heat exhaustion!


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The Vows

This is obviously a very easy one to apply to Phuket beach weddings, or any other kind of wedding. The royals stick very much to the script, using the same vows spoken by kings and queens throughout the centuries. If you want to add a regal touch to your own ceremony, look online to find out what Harry and Meghan said to each other, keep the ones relevant to you and adapt the ones which don’t quite fit.




The Meal
With royal weddings being quite a big deal (to put it mildly), they tend to last quite a long time. In some cases, the whole thing could easily last about 12 hours! That being the case, there’s often a far greater emphasis on the meal and the speeches, with less comparatively less focus on the ceremony. To mimic the royal schedule, give your loved ones a longer-than-average time allowance for their speeches, order a first-class sit-down meal as part of your Phuket wedding package and allot less time at the altar and on the dance floor.


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The Cake

You’d think that the hard-and-fast rule about wedding cakes is that they must always be the fancy four-tiered things you see at any and all receptions. The royals do things differently, though. Their traditional wedding cake is a relatively simple fruitcake. While it might be hard to get hold of a lemon elderflower cake with spring fruits for Phuket beach weddings, Thailand has its own vibrant share of fruits.


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