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Backup Plans for Your Beach Wedding

Backup Plans for Your Beach Wedding

While Phuket beach weddings are certainly a dream come true, there is always one thing that can make that dream into a nightmare – the weather. While Phuket’s weather is pretty consistently sunny during the high season, what happens if you need to book in the low season? Perhaps you’re trying to keep the cost…

Wedding Certificate

How to Make Your Phuket Beach Wedding Legal

Phuket beach weddings are dreamy and idyllic, there’s no denying that. However, they’re not always legally binding. Due to the complexity of organising the paperwork, most of the wedding packages available are only ceremonial and do not give you an official wedding certificate. While you could take a quick trip to your local registry office…

How to Avoid Wedding Photo Nerves, Phuket beach weddings

How to Avoid Wedding Photo Nerves

If you happen to be a bit camera shy, Phuket beach weddings could be a bit of a nightmare. You’ve got this beautiful location – a dream wedding by any reckoning – and you’re terrified that you’re going to have lousy photos out of the experience. Even if you’re not normally afraid of the business…