Phuket Beach Wedding

4 Tips to Make Your Beach Wedding Perfect

We and about a million other websites have given you the major tips and tricks for planning great Phuket beach weddings, but relatively few have covered the little details. And, as any wedding planner will tell you, it’s the little details that make a huge difference, on the day. It’s your big day – a once-in-a-lifetime moment – and you want everything to be perfect, so even the slightest failure can leave a lasting disappointment. For that reason, we’ve picked out a few tiny tips to help make things run smoothly.

Ditch the veil

They may look beautiful in the shop, but there’s so sea breeze in the shop. A veil is effectively a sail for your head and will whip around your face at the slightest gust of wind, creating a constant hassle and frustration. Instead, try a fascinator or wear some fresh flowers in your hair.

Ditch the veil, wedding hair style

Wear your hair up

As with the veil, long hair worn down will easily catch the wind. Not only will you be perpetually scraping it out of your eyes and mouth, but the beautiful treatment that your stylist probably spent hours on will start to look like they just dragged you through a thorn bush a few times by the end of the ceremony. Additionally, Phuket beach weddings tend to get quite warm – Thailand being a tropical country – so it’s best to leave your neck uncovered to avoid getting too hot and sweaty.

Wear sunscreen

Sometimes, the simplest and most obvious advice is the most essential. During a Phuket beach wedding, you’re going to be stood out in the sun for a long time. If you’re not wearing sunscreen on any exposed skin then the honeymoon is going to be very awkward as you and your partner won’t be able to even touch each other without causing extreme pain to blistered skin. Get the most powerful stuff you can find – ideally the sort you only have to apply once a day – so that it’s not something you have to keep taking time away from your big day to attend to.

phuket beach weddings

Think about your footwear

High heels seem like the obvious choice for the picture-perfect wedding, but have you ever tried walking on sand in them? Unless they’re block heels (or at least really chunky), you’re going to sink right into the beach and will likely fall over and injure yourself. So, barefoot seems like a great alternative, especially if you’re going for the ‘free-spirited’ look. Except that you’ll be in constant pain if the sand is really rough or really hot, both of which are entirely possible at Phuket beach weddings. Try looking around for some elegant flat sandals instead.