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How to Avoid Sweating Too Much at Your Beach Wedding?

Weddings are already pretty stressful, so even getting hitched in a temperate country is going to cause a bit of perspiration. With Phuket beach weddings, you’ve got the addition of a tropical climate to contend with. Your sweat glands are going to be working like lawn sprinklers and it’s going to make things very uncomfortable. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips to help keep the sweating to a minimum for your big day on the beach.

Put your deodorant on the night before

Most modern antiperspirants now work for at least 24 hours and sometimes as long as 48. However, not all of them work immediately. Putting it on before you go to bed the night before the big day gives it six to eight hours to get to work blocking up your sweat ducts, making it more likely to be effective in the morning.

Apply everywhere

Putting antiperspirant on your armpits is obviously important, but remember that other parts of your body sweat, too. Your back is perhaps the most important to cover as it acts as a giant heat sink for your body. However, you should also give the same treatment to your feet and hands. Avoid products that contain aluminium unless you want to stain your white clothes yellow.

Avoid sweat-inducing foods

This one is a little challenging for those preparing for a Phuket beach wedding since you’ll naturally want to enjoy some spicy Thai food while you’re here. However, spicy foods cause your body temperature to heat up and your body’s natural response is to sweat to try and cool things down. Fatty foods and those with high sodium cause the same effect as your body will work hard to get rid of the excess.

Spicy Thai Food, Thai Chili

Eat sweat-reducing foods

Ok, so you’re keeping away from fatty, salty and spicy food – what does that leave? The short answer is to stick with salads. You want to aim for the foods that will help you keep cool and hydrated, such as fruit and vegetables. You can also go for calcium-rich stuff like milk, yoghurt, cheese and almonds, all of which help keep your temperature under control.

Stick to water

It’s a challenge to avoid the alcohol at a wedding since being the only sober one in the room is never fun. However, alcohol increases your body temperature regardless of the surrounding temperature. In cooler countries, the “beer jacket” can be a comfort on a cold night, but at a Phuket beach wedding, it’s just adding an extra unnecessary layer. Instead, keep well-hydrated by drinking lots of water. Save your partying for the reception in the evening.

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