How to Avoid Wedding Photo Nerves, Phuket beach weddings

How to Avoid Wedding Photo Nerves

If you happen to be a bit camera shy, Phuket beach weddings could be a bit of a nightmare. You’ve got this beautiful location – a dream wedding by any reckoning – and you’re terrified that you’re going to have lousy photos out of the experience. Even if you’re not normally afraid of the business end of a camera lens, the amount of time, money and effort you’ve invested in your big day can make you nervous about making sure that the moment is perfectly captured. Here are some tips to ease those wedding photo nerves so you can smile naturally for the camera.

Book a pre-wedding shoot

You’ve got a lot on your plate on your big day and, if you’re rushing between the ceremony and the reception, looking after all of the guests, chasing after caterers and all the rest, you might not consider the photographs a low enough priority that you can cut down on the time you give them. The problem is that means you’ll be rushing to get them all done and you might even have to skip a few or accept second-best shots. Fortunately, pre-wedding shoots are a pretty common thing in Asia and they often allow you to take a lot more time over each shot and even use more exotic locations around Phuket. Of course, this only works if you don’t follow the old tradition that the groom can’t see the dress before the big day.

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Say “penis”

The old cliché of saying “cheese” in order to fake a smile doesn’t actually work. The smile looks really forced and, for the lack of a better word, “cheesy”. Some photographers mix it up by using a funny word to make their subjects smile naturally. Even if you don’t have a little giggle at the word, saying “penis” actually leaves your mouth in a great, natural-looking smile. Give it a try!

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Find your best side

Most people consider one side of their face and body more photogenic than the other. Even if the difference is very slight, there’s generally one side that’s fractionally better than the other. Knowing which will benefit you in two ways: Firstly, the psychological boost of knowing that you’re putting your best side forward at your Phuket beach wedding will give you some confidence. Secondly, the act of taking a ton of selfies and staring at each to figure out which side of your face is better will get you more used to the idea of being in photos.