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Why Your Wedding Should Be ‘Unplugged’

There is no denying that Phuket beach weddings are a dream come true. Marrying the love of your life in a stunning tropical setting like Thailand is an event that any person in their right mind would want to immortalise in pictures. However, with cameraphones now almost universally available and high-quality digital cameras increasingly widespread, more and more weddings are looking more like a photoshoot than a romantic ceremony. There’s only one way to prevent that – unplug.

What is an ‘Unplugged’ Wedding?

Unplugging is the name for the slowly growing trend of weddings where the happy couple demands that their guests leave their electronic devices at home. In its simplest form, it means asking people to leave the photography to the professionals, whose services are often included in Phuket wedding packages. In its most extreme form, it means that guests are asked to leave even their phones in their rooms.

Wedding in Phuket

The Benefits of Unplugged

Next time the Oscars are on TV, watch the stars arriving at the red carpet very carefully. In particular, look at all of the fans and photographers fighting each other for the best view. Now imagine that the red carpet is the petal-strewn aisle at your Phuket beach wedding. Imagine trying to say your vows over a cacophony of beeps and shutter clicks. Imagine looking out at your friends and family and seeing only a sea of lenses, flashes and the backs of phones. Not a very romantic image, is it?

The next thing to consider is the impact on the photographer you have hired as part of your Phuket wedding package. A highly experienced professional is hand-picked and paid, with the sole mission of immortalising your special day. If everyone in the pews is taking pictures, they will be making the job of the expert that much harder, mostly by getting in the way. The quality of the work the professional can produce will be severely impacted and you might not get your money’s worth.

Most importantly of all is the fact that photographers often say that putting the camera in front of their face gives them a sense of detachment from the events they are photographing. With their view limited to only the scope of the viewfinder, the experience becomes similar to that of watching a beautiful Phuket beach wedding on TV, rather than actually being there and experiencing it first-hand. Furthermore, when they’re concentrating on angles and camera settings, they’re not enjoying the event.

Enjoy the Day

A Phuket beach wedding is a spectacular event which does not happen to you or your friends and family every day. For most people, this will be very much a once-in-a-lifetime day. With the exceptional service from Thavorn Beach Village Resort, you and your guests should have nothing to think or worry about. Leaving the electronics behind will ensure that everyone has absolutely no distractions from enjoying your special day to the fullest.

wedding in phuket