Tips On Getting The Best Wedding Photos, Phuket Beach Weddings

5 Tips On Getting The Best Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is one of the most important and most-awaited days of your life. You certainly want to capture all of the special moments. Great wedding photos serve as a priceless souvenir and documentation of your wedding and journey of your love.

Here are 5 tips on ensuring you get the best wedding photos.

1. The first thing that you can do is to hire the best photographer. Almost everyone can be a photographer but be sure to choose the person who has lot of experience, talented and know the right angles when taking wedding photos. Be sure to check out the photographer’s portfolio to make sure their work aligns with your taste.

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2. Trust your photographers. Once you have chosen your photographer, it is very important to trust them. Photography is their expertise so you don’t need to tell them of what moment they need to capture. Let them be creative in doing their job and the best photos will emerge.

3. You must consider the season when getting married. When your wedding is on winter it will surely get dark between 3:30 to 4 pm. Then you should allow the photographer to take photos before the light has gone. You can also prefer to make your wedding day on morning so that you can get the best wedding photos. Most of the special moments can be captured during the wedding ceremony so you must consider the ceremony but some priest or vicars will not allow your photographer to disturb the ceremony and they will surely insist that they must stay at the back. Another thing is that you can politely get some favor to your guest that to take pictures while you are walking in the aisle or even during the ceremony that can distract you and the other guest and can ruin the professional shots doing by your hired photographers.

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4. Book the best make-up artist that can enhance your beauty. Be sure to get a trial make-up before the wedding day to avoid surprises or disappointments.

5. Be creative in your wedding photography setting. Wedding photos do not have to be taken only at the wedding ceremony. You can choose to have your wedding photos taken beforehand at any setting of your wishing: from beaches, gardens, or just basic setting of your home.

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Be sure to follow these tips for the perfect wedding photos. If you are looking for a creative and unique wedding, be sure to check out destination weddings. We offer a mesmerizing beach wedding venue in Phuket at reasonable package rates.