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5 Reasons To Choose A Beach Wedding

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to getting married, not least of which is who to get married to! Once you’ve figured that bit out, then things get properly complicated. Every little detail of the big day has at least two or three alternatives to agonise over, with everyone telling you that one tiny error of judgement could lead to absolute disaster. Fortunately, the decision of whether or not to have a Phuket beach wedding is an absolute no-brainer. Let us explain why…

You can make budget look like luxury

There’s an elegant simplicity to a beach wedding. Just the happy couple, a little alter, a few lines of chairs and a lot of flower petals – any more would be needlessly extravagant! This not only massively reduces all of those obnoxious decisions we were talking about before, but also cuts out a lot of expense. Just let nature do the hard work for you by providing you with a perfect, fully-decorated venue at no extra cost.

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Everything’s more casual

The dress code at the average wedding makes office attire look like a clown costume. Get ready to dust off your top hat and your most expensive and least comfortable dress. And, if groom has even a single millilitre of Scottish blood in his veins, that’s a whole new level of awkward discomfort opened up. Alternatively, get married on a beach, where even your Casual Friday clothes look excessive. The whole experience is that much more chilled-out, so you can actually enjoy your day instead of just enduring it.

It’s more romantic

Simple question – which is more romantic: A draughty church or a tropical beach? How about we answer that with a question: which one are you going to be honeymooning at?

Phuket Beach, Beach Wedding

The honeymoon starts right away

Talking of honeymoon, the great advantage of a destination wedding is that the ceremony, reception and honeymoon all happen in the same location! Aside from saving a lot of money and hassle on limo hire, you’re also spared the arduous flight before you can start enjoying married life. You can also start your life together with your mutual friends and, after the ceremony, equally mutual family.

Every picture is perfect

Put simply, it’s impossible to take a bad wedding photo in a place like Phuket. You’re certainly not going to have to worry about the big day being overcast or drizzly and the glittering Andaman Sea makes a much better backdrop than a pokey church garden. You won’t need reminders of such a memorable day, but those you do capture will be the sort you want to look at and enjoy every week.

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