Mistakes can ruin a beach wedding, Phuket Beach Wedding

4 Mistakes That Can Ruin A Beach Wedding

Phuket beach weddings can go wrong in plenty of ways. Of course, there’s plenty of scope in nearly every kind of wedding that can ruin your big day, but adding the beach setting also adds a bunch of unique challenges to overcome. Generally, the biggest error is failing to adapt your wedding plan for the fact that you’re getting hitched on a beach. Some things that work in one will not successfully carry over to the other, so be prepared to make changes. Let’s get a bit more specific by examining some of the most common critical failures that can ruin a beach wedding.

Spending a fortune on the dress

Getting the wedding dress right is a challenge at the best of times, but adding a outdoor setting in a tropical destination like Phuket adds some extra considerations. Sure, you want to look stunning on the big day, but you also need to factor in budget, transport and practicality for the setting. A long, heavy dress may be comfortable for a draughty church in a chilly country, but it’s just going to increase the chances of you tripping in the sand or passing out from heat exhaustion in Phuket. Fortunately, it is entirely possible to find a classy dress that’s light, breathable and, most importantly, won’t break the bank, leaving more of the budget free for booking the perfect location.

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Giving the wedding planner full control

While good Phuket wedding packages include the services of an expert wedding planner, just telling them to do what they think is best is a good way to be extremely disappointed. That’s not to say that the planners aren’t professionals and excellent at getting everything they can out of whatever budget they’ve got, but the fact is that they’re not mind-readers. They can’t predict exactly what you want out of your big day. Their job is to make your dreams come true, not to do the dreaming for you. Give them carte blanche and you’ll end up with a day to forget, but work closely with them and they’ll make sure you get a day to remember.

Skipping hair and make-up

This one is hopefully obvious: Either you can spend some money on getting professional products and a professional stylist to apply them, or you can stress yourself out on the morning of your big day by trying to do it yourself. What little money you save here will be immortalised forever in your wedding photos. Spend a little money now and save on the regrets later.

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Expecting too much from a tight budget

Broadly speaking, most things are cheaper in Thailand than they are in western countries, so it’s entirely possible to save a lot of money with Phuket beach weddings. However, that doesn’t mean you can expect a seven-star wedding on a three-star budget. Setting your expectations much higher than your budget will allow is guaranteed to end in disappointment. However, if you appreciate the fact that getting hitched on a beautiful Phuket beach is priceless, having to go a little easy on the fancy invites and extravagant catering for a pared-down guest list becomes well worth the sacrifice.