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How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months?

Organising a Phuket beach wedding can seem a little like organising a Normandy beach invasion, but doesn’t need to take years. With the weather at its best between about November and April, you don’t need to put off your nuptials for six months just because you mistimed the engagement. It’s entirely possible to plan a successful wedding in as little as three months. It’s just a question of prioritising and being decisive. Here are some tips to help make your dream wedding a reality in record time.

Start with the big stuff

There are three huge decisions to make when planning a wedding – the date, the venue and the budget. The problem is that it can be tricky to nail down any single one of them without fixing the other two first. How can you pick a venue if you don’t know if it’ll fit into your budget or be suitable for the time of year? How can you pick the date without knowing if you can afford it? How can you decide on the budget without having an idea of the price ranges you’re working in?

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Fortunately, with a Phuket beach wedding, you’ve already got the venue (Phuket) and a general time of year (November to April). That makes things a little easier, but you still need to commit to an exact answer for all three of those requirements. Get that decided and the rest will fall into place much quicker.

Create a vision

If you have to agree on every little decision as it comes, you’ll be putting off the big day for years. There are so many choices to make, from the big ones like the guest list and catering to the tiny stuff like the flowers and the font on the invitations. However, if you agree on a general vision right at the start, every decision will a lot simpler. Instead of asking what each party likes, you just have to ask what will best fit with the agreed-on vision.

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That’s not to say that deciding on a vision will be easy. It needs to be pretty detailed. However, if you start with the very general stuff like the style and colour scheme, working your way down to the small details gets simpler and simpler.

Organise your guests early

It’s not just you that needs a bit of lead time when preparing for a wedding – the guests need advanced notice, too. This is especially true for Phuket beach weddings, where your friends and family need time to book flights, hotel rooms and time off work. Making use of the internet is a good way to speed things up. Send your save-the-dates and invites out by email, create an online gift registry and maybe even put up a little website or Facebook group so that you can share info and updates quickly an easily.

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