How to Save Money on a Wedding

5 Tips for Saving Money on a Beach Wedding

Weddings are expensive – Phuket beach weddings, even more so – or so you might think. If you’re working on a limited budget, you might be thinking that you can’t enjoy a glamorous destination ceremony, but you’d be wrong. With some shrewd spending and careful planning, you can cut the costs and stretch that limited budget into a day that is both memorable and affordable.

Budget in advance

Having a plan is pretty much essential for planning a wedding on any budget, whether you’ve got a small fortune to pour into your special day or not. When your money is limited, there’s a little more emphasis on actually sticking to the budget, but the principles are broadly the same. Set priorities, set limits and stick to them.

Wedding Budget

Choose with care

Among the priorities for any wedding are the location and the dress. They’re also two of the biggest expenses, but you can mitigate the expense. Fortunately, Phuket beach weddings are particularly budget-friendly when it comes to the dress. It’s such a casual setting that the floor-length frilly white gown would be as out of place as it would be woefully impractical and excessively expensive. Instead, go for something light, summery, casual and, above all, affordable.

Skip the paperwork

No, we’re not saying that you should get married without the official documentation – that’s arguably the most important part of the whole day! What isn’t important, however, is printed invitations, reception cards and other largely pointless traditions. It’s the 21st century and email is free and infinitely more convenient than a posted invitation. While you’re on the subject, consider modernising some other expensive old traditions with low-cost alternatives.

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Cut down the guest list

One of the accidental advantages of Phuket beach weddings is that they inherently limit the number of guests you can invite. How many of your friends and family can get time off work, flights and hotels all at the same time in order to attend? Even if the answer to that is “most of them”, you should consider keeping the guest list to just the essentials as you’ll be able to use a smaller set-up, with a smaller cake and less catering.

Limit the open bar

An open bar is a very typical part of a wedding reception, but it invites a lot of expense. People are prone to drinking more when they know they’re not paying for it. One way to minimise the impact on your budget is to reduce the drinks selection. Serve only beer and wine, with maybe one tropical cocktail to get things rolling.