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Why You Should Renew Your Vows on the Beach

Phuket beach weddings don’t just have to be for nuptials. In fact, it could be argued that such a ceremony is perfectly suited to renewing your vows. There are certain features of a beach wedding which suit the relative informality of a vow renewal perfectly. Here are a few of the more compelling points.

It’s comparatively small-scale

Booking a hall or church with a capacity in the hundreds would probably be overkill for a renewal of vows. A smaller, more intimate event with only your immediate family and closest friends would be much more manageable and memorable. Beach weddings, especially in Phuket, are also often comparatively modest affairs, primarily because of the expense and complication of moving the whole event to another country.

Wedding at Thavorn Beach Village, Renew vows

You don’t generally expect gifts

Flying to Phuket to attend the ceremony is already quite a hefty investment for your guests. Asking them to sacrifice more money and a load of their limited baggage allowance to bring a wedding gift, only for you to have to cart it all the way back home again is probably asking a lot. Of course, if all you’re doing is renewing vows, you don’t need to write up a gift list because giving gifts for such a ceremony is not common.

It’s relatively informal

Pro-tip – wearing a three-piece suit or a huge wedding dress in the tropical climate of Phuket is not fun. You’ll be bathed in sweat after walking less than the length of an aisle. And it goes without saying that walking on sand in high heels is extremely uncomfortable. The result is that most beach weddings are relatively informal affairs, with a more casual dress code and shoes optional. Since renewing your vows is a much more informal event than a full-blown wedding, that fits your circumstances perfectly.

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There’s a choice of officiants

Unless you’re willing to go through quite a lot of bureaucracy, not that many Phuket beach weddings are actually legally binding. Fortunately, a vow renewal ceremony doesn’t have to be legally binding, so you can have virtually anyone do the officiating. This can range from the experienced celebrant provided in by most Phuket wedding packages to one of your friends. You could even get a group of Buddhist monks to give your union a blessing, if you wanted something a bit different.

Everything is organised

When you’re renewing your vows, you’ll need many of the same facilities as you’d expect from a wedding. You’ll want a photographer, catering, a venue, drinks, entertainment, and more – all of which are available in Phuket, often for less than you would pay in your home country. You can sit back and enjoy the sunshine and leave the organising to the local organisers.

Wedding at Thavorn Beach Village, Renew Vows in Phuket