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Ways to Digitise Your Wedding

With Phuket beach weddings and other unusual ceremonies becoming increasingly popular, old matrimonial traditions are starting to evolve. What you may not have considered is that the behind-the-scenes aspects of your big day have also evolved, and there are now quite a few ways to make planning and enjoying your wedding easier through online services. Here are a few ideas of how you can digitise your wedding, for extra ease and convenience.


While most Phuket wedding packages come with an event planner, those of you planning your own big day will be able to better organise your thoughts, priorities and tasks with cloud-based coordination systems like Trello and TaskRabbit. With either of these, you can assign roles, check progress, exchange notes and updates and generally keep track of what’s going on without having to chase people.

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While it was originally created for business, Slack is also popular with those planning a wedding as it allows you to set up themed chat rooms, so you can talk about specific tasks with only those directly involved.


When it comes to picking the colour scheme of your Phuket beach wedding, Pantone Studio is a very useful tool. If you see a colour you like, you no longer have to try to describe it as “a sort of blue-ish greeny grey”. Instead, you can snap a photo of it and it’ll tell you the exact shade, then it’ll even suggest complimentary colours. If your stuck for inspiration, you can even get it to trawl through your Instagram and Pinterest feeds to pick out colours that frequently resonate with you.


Online gift registries have been around for a while now, but their convenience cannot be understated. Everyone from Amazon to Wayfair has the feature, ensuring that you don’t end up with three fish slices or seven wine racks instead of the essential stuff that you actually need for your new life together. It also means that, while you get a degree of surprise when it comes to who buys you what, you still get exactly what you want, instead of something that’s not quite right.

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How do you store and distribute the photos from your Phuket beach wedding, ensuring that everyone can see every photo of your big day? You use Wedpics or similar apps. This saves you having to set up a special website or using cloud-based data storage systems or physical media. It’s simple enough for even your least tech-savvy friends and relatives to use and you can even order hard copies right from the app.

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There are a few apps available which offer many of these services, and others, in a single app. Appy Couple helps you organise everything from the hen party to the honeymoon. Guests can RSVP through it, make food selections, access the gift registry and share images. There are other apps which also help organise destination weddings, like Phuket beach weddings.

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