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5 Ways to Have a Flawless Outdoor Wedding

Phuket beach weddings can be a dream come true, if absolutely everything goes according to plan. The problem is that, as plans become more complex, problems become more likely. Normal local weddings are complex enough, but an outdoor destination wedding is about as complex as it gets. With a few simple checks and fixes, however, you can increase your chances of having a flawless outdoor wedding.

Choose the perfect place. Then choose another

When you’re checking out potential venues, it’s important to be as cynical as you can be. What could go wrong? What potential obstacles, bottlenecks, hurdles and problems can you foresee? Is there anything about the location which doesn’t suit your idea of a perfect destination wedding (or your budget). The chances of finding a place which ticks absolutely every box are low, but keep looking until you find the place that ticks most of them or has viable solutions to any problems. Then find a back-up.

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Arrange transport

Once you’ve picked the venue for your Phuket beach wedding, you need to think about getting your guests there. Obviously, if you pick a hotel, that makes things a little easier as they will often provide airport shuttles. If your venue is more remote, you’ll have to a vehicle or two to make sure everyone gets there safely and at the right time.

Dress appropriately

As much as the idea of the groom wearing a black tuxedo on a beach might be visually appealing, the sight of him passed out from heat exhaustion is less pleasant. Dress for the location, and advise your guests on the kind of things they should wear to be both stylish and comfortable. For the bridesmaids and groomsmen, you should pick suitable fabrics for the climate, but you should also pick colours to suit the setting.

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Follow the sun

Phuket beach weddings create a few unique challenges for the wedding photographer, who now has to factor in the position of the sun to ensure he’s getting the best possible photos. More so than at indoor weddings, you should work closely with the photographer when planning the schedule for the day, so that you get the best pictures without disrupting the flow of the day.

Think about sound

The crashing of waves, the beachfront breeze, the seabirds calling – sounds romantic, right? It sounds loud, too. Without some kind of artificial amplification, none of your guests are going to be able to hear your carefully crafted vows. Most importantly, check that all of the microphones work properly before you start and, with wireless systems, check their operating range. Ideally, you should also keep some back-ups and spare batteries at the ready.