Pre Wedding shooting in Phuket

Get Creative With Your Beach Wedding Photo Shoot

Many Phuket wedding packages include the services of a professional photographer. They are there to immortalise your happy day, and they are very skilled and experienced at it. However, most are open to suggestions, so we’ve got a few creative ideas for you – ways to take full advantage of the beautiful beach wedding setting available in Phuket.

Prints in the Sand

Prints in the Sand, Wedding in Phuket

One of the more iconic beach images is of footprints in the sand, leading away into distance. Symbolic of a journey taken together (much like marriage), its practically mandatory to get this picture taken when you’re on a beach, whether you’re getting married or not! However, a more creative alternative is to make a couple of hand prints. If you then tuck your rings into the indents left by the appropriate finger, the effect is quite a cool and creative one.

Using the Light

The photographers who come with Phuket wedding packages will all almost certainly love shooting in the natural sunlight – most photographers do. Different times of the day create different effects. With the best Phuket beaches being on the west coast, an afternoon or evening shoot will give you sunsets, silhouettes and sunbursts. The first two of these are pretty obvious, but the sunburst is kind of creative. It requires the sun to be peeking through a gap, created by…well, anything! A kissing couple, a hand heart, joined hands – whatever you can think of which creates something for the sun to peek through.

Jump Right In


Have you heard of a “trash the dress” wedding? It’s a relatively new trend in which the wedding dress does not survive the wedding. In photography terms, it means jumping right into the sea for some dramatic (if damp) shots. Obviously, if the dress is part of the Phuket wedding packages you are looking for, this idea is unusable. You could use a simple white dress for the purposes of this shoot, though.


This one requires a bit more skill on the part of your photographer, and they may also need a macro lens. The concept is quite simple: you can put a fresh twist on your wedding shoot by taking a few shots using the reflection off a shiny surface. A pair of sunglasses is a simplest and arguably best option, especially for a beach setting. The execution is a lot trickier, but is worth the effort.