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What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Phuket beach weddings are like a dream come true – the happiest day in the life of the happy couple, surrounded by the tropical beauty of the beautiful Thai island, with close friends and family sharing the experience and wishing them nothing but the best. The attire for the ones by the alter is pretty much dictated by tradition, but your choice as a guest is entirely up to you.

Beach weddings present you with a unique set of requirements. It needs to be something halfway between the kind of formal gown you would wear to a wedding in a more typical setting and the sort of dress you would wear for a day on the beach. We’ve got some tips to help you pick something trendy, comfortable and suitable for occasion.

Something light

Phuket beach weddings tend to take place underneath a bright blue sky and a hot tropical sun, with temperatures around the 25-30°C level, and humidity way above what European or American guests may be used to. Wearing the kind of heavy-duty material you would ordinarily pick for a draughty church in a temperate climate will leave you uncomfortably sweaty. To put it bluntly, it would also look a little absurd. So, pick something lightweight and loose.

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Something long

While the instinct would naturally be to attend a Phuket beach wedding in quite a short dress or skirt to best allow you to enjoy the sun and prevent the dreaded sweat bath, the coastal location may also bring some sea breezes. This is particularly with a lightweight dress so, to prevent any embarrassment, consider a midi or maxi length outfit, rather than mini.

Something sensible

A beach wedding will inevitably mean that you spend a lot of time standing and walking on sand. Naturally, high heels would just sink right in, probably causing you quite a lot of pain in the process. You should avoid going completely the other way and just wearing the flip-flops you use around the pool, though – that’s a little too informal. Instead, consider either some classy sandals or wedges.

flip flops on the phuket beach

Something with sleeves

As well as spending a lot of time on the sand, Phuket beach weddings involve a lot of time out in the sun. The old “slip-slap-slop” advice still applies, even at a wedding, so slip on something which covers your shoulders and arms (the longer length helps here because it also protects your legs), slap on a wide hat and slop on the suncream!