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5 Reasons Why You Want a Phuket Beach Wedding

Phuket beach weddings are the stuff dreams are made of, and making those dreams come true is really not as difficult or even as costly as you might think. The more important question you need to ask is whether or not it is the right style of ritual for you. Some people like dogs and hate cats, others like cats and hate dogs – similarly, some people are better suited to a church wedding while others would rock a beach ceremony.

Beach hotels in Phuket like Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa can do the organising for you, so there is really very little difference in terms of the effort it takes to organise a beach wedding. Wedding packages are generally all-inclusive, too, so you might actually find yourself saving money on the ceremony by having it in Phuket. It is more important to ask yourself if the following five statements fit the sort of couple you are.

1. You are relaxed about the whole “marriage” thing

You want to get married – that much is obvious because you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. However, weddings typically come with a lot of traditions, half of which are completely nonsensical and just add complications what is, in reality, quite a simple ceremony. Phuket beach weddings are better suited to those of an easy-going disposition, willing and ready to swap the heavy-duty dress for something light and simple and the high heels for, at most, a pair of sandals.


2. You want an intimate ceremony

While you can perhaps save money with Phuket wedding packages, your guests all need to be able to be there with you. Flights to Thailand cost a lot more than a taxi to the local church and not everyone is going to be willing or able to splash out that much money to be there with you. If you want a guest list of 200 people, including friends you barely know and third-cousins you barely like, a beach wedding probably isn’t for you. However, if you want to be surrounded by the love of just your immediate family and best friends, it’s the best option.

3. You’ve got a packed schedule

It’s a busy, busy world we live in. Some people barely have the time for a quick holiday, let alone a wedding followed by a two-week honeymoon. The advantage of Phuket beach weddings is that you’re essentially combining both into one event. You get the ceremony and the honeymoon all in one place, with the minimum of fuss between the two, making the optimum use of your limited time.

Honeymoon in Phuket

4. You like adventure

You could quite easily say that marriage itself is an adventure, which is true. It starts from the second you put the rings on, so why not start as you mean to go on? Go snorkelling around Koh Phi Phi or kayaking in Phang Nga Bay – it sure beats spending your first day of matrimony in airports!

5. You want something a bit different

Naturally, your wedding day will certainly be a memorable. However, Phuket beach weddings are truly unforgettable. Imagine yourself alongside your loved one, surrounded by friends as you walk down the aisle. Now imagine that aisle is made of sand, and there’s an azure sea in the background instead of a mouldy old church organ. Which memory would you prefer?