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21 Great Beach Wedding Songs

Phuket beach weddings are undoubtedly a dream come true, but planning them takes a little bit of lateral thinking. The setting is so radically different from a traditional church ceremony and reception, so many of the reliable old plans will seem out of place at best, completely inappropriate or unrealistic at worst. Admittedly, most Phuket…

Beach Wedding in Phuket

Menswear for Beach Weddings

In a previous post about Phuket beach weddings, we discussed the kinds of dresses brides should look for when planning to get hitched on the sand. This time, we’re going to look at what men should wear. While traditional wedding attire would be less likely to cause a turned ankle than it would for women,…

Wedding Traditions You Can Update

Weddings are famous for their traditions, from the white gowns to bouquet toss. Phuket beach weddings are an excellent opportunity to add your own flair to the ceremony. You’ve already ditched the church in favour of the beautiful tropical surroundings of a Thai beach – why not change a few other things while you’re at…

5 Great Small Wedding Ideas

5 Great Small Wedding Ideas

As most people will have to travel quite far for their Phuket beach weddings, a big event with hundreds of your friends in attendance is probably out of the question. It would take a miracle to be able to organise so many guests, each needing to arrange holiday time, flights and so on – it’s…

Wedding at Beach

Thai Wedding vs. Western Wedding

If you’re starting to look through Phuket wedding packages, you will probably find that many venues offer two distinct choices: Thai or Western. There may be a few other options on the menu, but these are usually just additional bells and whistles on these two basic formats. If you are travelling to Phuket from somewhere…


Wedding Photo Locations in Phuket

Most Phuket wedding packages include the services of an experienced wedding photographer, who will know many of the best backdrops for your couples photos. A common feature of weddings in Asia, where there is less superstition about the groom seeing the bride’s dress before the big day, is the pre-wedding shoot. The purpose of this…