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thavorn beach village wedding

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Phuket beach weddings are like a dream come true – the happiest day in the life of the happy couple, surrounded by the tropical beauty of the beautiful Thai island, with close friends and family sharing the experience and wishing them nothing but the best. The attire for the ones by the alter is pretty…

unplugged wedding in phuket

Why Your Wedding Should Be ‘Unplugged’

There is no denying that Phuket beach weddings are a dream come true. Marrying the love of your life in a stunning tropical setting like Thailand is an event that any person in their right mind would want to immortalise in pictures. However, with cameraphones now almost universally available and high-quality digital cameras increasingly widespread,…

Private Romantic Beach Wedding Phuket

Easy Ways to Cut Your Wedding Costs

A lot of brides assume that employing a wedding coordinator would cost them more. It is a little-known reality that a wedding coordinator could actually help you save cash after getting all perks and discounts as she arranged with the partner vendors. But, you should take extra care when selecting a wedding planner. Anybody can…

Wedding Planners in Phuket

Best Wedding Planners in Phuket

Phuket Thailand is among to top destination spots due to a lot of reasons.  From the stunning beaches  to picturesque viewpoints, you will most certainly love this place. It is only one hour and a half to reach Phuket from the capitol of Thailand, Bangkok. Apart from the unique and amazing features of this place,…