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Five Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

So you already asked your partner to marry you and she answered “yes” with a smile. The next best thing to do is to get started in planning the wedding. You have to make it something worthy to remember for a lifetime. If you are planning to have a destination wedding, planning is the ultimate key to making your wedding wonderful and successful. The following are some helpful wedding planning tips that you can follow starting today:

Think About the Location

It might be obvious but selecting the location for your dream destination wedding is the right place to begin. There are different factors that you need to take into account. What is your feeling as a couple? If you are outdoorsy or adventurous, you can consider having your wedding in the South Lake Tahoe, for instance. Set the date within the winter season as it suits your style.

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Many tropical locations normally have a rainy season, the time when the rates are cheaper yet your chances of having a sunny beach wedding are limited as well. The most perfect time to have your destination wedding in a famous destination is also the time for vacations and escapades, so you should anticipate that the rates will increase and there will be more and more people in the place.

Share the Plan

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As soon as you made a decision about the location of your destination wedding, be sure that you will tell your loved ones and friends about this. Send the cards at least 4 months before the target date or even longer when you have already secured the location and the date. Inviting somebody to your destination wedding is like asking them to have fun and spend their time for a vacation.


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While you have months to prepare, do not forget to get your pocket ready as well. Make sure that you have allotted a specific amount of cash for everything, right from the airplane tickets to the bridal gown and car. All of these should be taken into account before you will be able to obtain a clear picture of your bottom line. A wedding budget can instantly get out of your control, especially in the case of a destination wedding. So you should shop in advance for the airline tickets and accommodations.

Ask For Help

You don’t have to take the entire process on your own. Be sure that you ask for help from an experienced wedding planner, especially the one who specializes in the destination you have chosen.

Do Not Forget Your Guests

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You’ve invited your guests to spend more time, cash and effort to be there on your wedding. You should ensure that you will treat them as your special guests. Take time for putting together an itinerary with everyday activities, discounts, local attractions, wedding-related events and restaurants all in just one document. As an additional gesture, you may make some welcome baskets that you can leave in the guests’ rooms with the snacks and bottled waters. Find out in advance those guests who may have some special requirements like a wheelchair and special menu request. Attending to these things will make them feel they are included in this special day in your life.

Follow these tips to have a wonderful wedding!