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What Makes Kamala Beach So Romantic?

Among the huge array of beaches in Phuket, Kamala continually attracts wedding photographers. On any given day, you can generally see four or five (or more) couples getting their pre-wedding shoots done along its length. Even if you’re not there for the beautiful backdrop it provides, Kamala Beach is also one of the more romantic options. But why?

It looks beautiful

As we’ve already established, Kamala Beach is a fantastic spot for a photoshoot, which is often a feature of Phuket wedding packages. Photographers like it for its convenience, of course – it’s centrally located and has beachside parking – but it also has a diverse choice of backdrops. The sand itself is lovely and white. At the southern end, fishermen moor their long-tail boats, giving the beach a charming local look. By contrast, the northern headland appears wild and deserted, giving the appearance of being on your own tropical island. In between, there are lovely woodlands right by the shore.

Phuket Beach, Beach Wedding

It has great facilities

Kamala Beach is not just convenient for photographers looking to fulfil the requirements of a Phuket wedding package. It’s also a great place for couples coming to enjoy some quality time together. There are some lovely restaurants right by the sand, with first-class beach clubs a little further to south – Café del Mar Phuket among them. The nightlife and shopping options in Kamala are limited, but there are a couple of great tourist attractions nearby.

It has a chilled atmosphere

As we just said, Kamala Beach doesn’t have much of a nightlife or much in the way of places to go shopping. That being the case, the beach lacks the chaotic atmosphere of the more famous Patong Beach, which has both in spades. The attractions that it has are mostly well away from the beach, too, giving the seafront a quiet and relaxed vibe. While there are a couple of places where you can take part in the typical tourist beach activities – parasailing and jet skis – they are few and, it being quite a large beach, are far between. This makes it one of the more popular beaches for families as well as couples.

Thavorn Beach Village, chilled atmosphere

It has a great choice of hotels

A pivotal feature of a romantic beach destination is, of course, a good choice of romantic hotels nearby. Kamala Beach certainly does not disappoint in this regard. Your options range from remote hilltop cabins to beachfront bedrooms to extravagant resorts. Thavorn Beach Village offers all three of these options in one go, alone with a private beach that’s within easy reach of Kamala Beach.