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Ways to Digitise Your Wedding

With Phuket beach weddings and other unusual ceremonies becoming increasingly popular, old matrimonial traditions are starting to evolve. What you may not have considered is that the behind-the-scenes aspects of your big day have also evolved, and there are now quite a few ways to make planning and enjoying your wedding easier through online services….

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21 Great Beach Wedding Songs

Phuket beach weddings are undoubtedly a dream come true, but planning them takes a little bit of lateral thinking. The setting is so radically different from a traditional church ceremony and reception, so many of the reliable old plans will seem out of place at best, completely inappropriate or unrealistic at worst. Admittedly, most Phuket…

Wedding Traditions You Can Update

Weddings are famous for their traditions, from the white gowns to bouquet toss. Phuket beach weddings are an excellent opportunity to add your own flair to the ceremony. You’ve already ditched the church in favour of the beautiful tropical surroundings of a Thai beach – why not change a few other things while you’re at…

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What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Phuket beach weddings are like a dream come true – the happiest day in the life of the happy couple, surrounded by the tropical beauty of the beautiful Thai island, with close friends and family sharing the experience and wishing them nothing but the best. The attire for the ones by the alter is pretty…

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Why Your Wedding Should Be ‘Unplugged’

There is no denying that Phuket beach weddings are a dream come true. Marrying the love of your life in a stunning tropical setting like Thailand is an event that any person in their right mind would want to immortalise in pictures. However, with cameraphones now almost universally available and high-quality digital cameras increasingly widespread,…